International Academy OF Physical Therapy Research

The International Association of Physical Therapy promotes research and encourages fellowship,
in order to contribute towards the development of physiotherapy through application of new and
innovative foreign and domestic technologies.


컨텐츠 내용입니다.




     President of IAPTR  

    John Krauss, Ph.D, P.T., OCS, FAAOMPT




        PhD. - Nova Southeastern University

        MS. - Oakland University

        Graduate Certificate in OMPT – Oakland University

        BS. - Oakland University

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the International Academy of Physical Therapy Research (IAPTR). While the Academy is based in South Korea, all Physiotherapists are welcomed to join. The minimal education qualification is a Master’s degree. This is an exciting turning point for Korean Physiotherapists, providing them with a forum to direct Physiotherapy practice nationally and internationally and contribute to the expanding evidence underpinning Physiotherapy practice.

One of the key responsibilities of the academy will be to produce the Journal of the International Academy of Physical Therapy Research (JIAPTR) biannually. The JIAPR will strive to bring articles of great interest to the readers which will help to direct physiotherapy practice both in South Korea and abroad. It will be a forum in which clinicians and researchers can share and debate their findings derived from formal research as well as from interesting case studies. The journal will include presentations that span interesting case studies to reports from formal research projects, all of which will contribute to best practice. Other forms of communications will include letters to the editors, methodological advances and brief reviews. As physiotherapy practice is routinely informed by research from both within and without the Physiotherapy profession, contributions from all researchers who provide findings and reports that will inform physiotherapy practice will be welcomed.

In conclusion, I welcome you to International Academy of Physical Therapy Research and look forward to your involvement through participation in the activities of the Academy.